About Us

About the mission of the Festival of India -Montreal

We – Festival of India (FOI) are a Quebec-registered non-profit organisation meant to help create and promote events related to traditional Indian (and Vedic) culture. We partner with other non-profit organisations and charities such as ISKCON and South Asian Alliance of Quebec, to help make a difference in the world by helping to educate underprivileged population of India and abroad. We also help spread the Vedic education and food support/relief programs around the world. In Montreal itself, daily/weekly educational programs are held and daily/weekly free meals are distributed to those who seek help. We also provide free training and counselling for people who aspire to improve the quality of their life through:

  • yoga
  • vegetarianism
  • healthy lifestyle free from addictions
  • eco-friendly living
  • animal/cow protection
  • spirituality
  • regular visits to sacred places of Inda
  • study of ancient texts of India
  • participation in festivals and events

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Note: any profits coming from any of your kind donations are solely supporting our cause, since 100% of our staff is engaged on voluntary basis.

Festival of India Team